Planning permission

Does a portable or modular building require planning permission?
This is a question we are asked a lot by our clients and a good question. When it comes to planning permission for your building this is something you need to consider. All buildings that remain in situ for over 28 days do require planning permission regardless of size. This is a process that you would be required to do before the building is delivered. You as the client are responsible to do apply for the planning permission. Modular buildings can be a little more complicated with regards to planning permission you may be required to involve building control at certain points during the groundwork’s and installation. However don’t let this put you off getting your building, we can offer you advice every step of the way.
If you fail to apply and/or get planning permission granted before the building is installed and a neighboring business or property report your building you could be required to relocate the building immediately – this is not an issue for portable and modular buildings, however it is not an ideal situation. In most instances you can apply for planning permission retrospectively.

How do we know that we would get our planning permission approved?

For a small fee your local authority will come out and pre-survey your site. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your ideas and plans with the local planning officer. Planning applications can take anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks to be approved so make sure you have allocated this into your build schedule.

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