Good Foundations

Good foundations for your building whether it is a Cabin or a Modular building are the key. Without decent and sound foundations you will have issues, this could be something simple to the doors sticking to the building not lining up when it comes to sealing the sections together or even the building moving whilst your in it.
When it comes to foundations there are two styles you could choose to use. Jackpads are a non-invasive system that is ideal for a quick solution.
The alternative is standard concrete foundations, these are a longer-term solution and a more actuate way of laying foundations. The ground would be required to be excavated concrete poured into the hole and then flags or block on top. This is a more ideal solution and the preferred method.
If you are unsure what option to go for we are always here to offer advice. Groundwork is something we can offer as an extra so please mention it to us upon our initial quotation or visit.


Good Foundations Blog

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