External Cladding

Elite workspace offers a number of external cladding options. Cladding can come in a variety of options including colours, materials etc. It can also be fixed horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. The traditional external cladding is plastic coated steel mounted to 9mm plywood. However there are a number of other options available including wooden cladding and brick slips to mention a few.
Below are some examples of previous work we have done and the different external looks we offer. The benefit of plastic coated steel is the durability of your building. It also offers a range of 20 standard colors to pick from and we can even offer custom colors if the timeframe permits it.
Wooden cladding is a visually pleasing option. The ability to weather naturally and give an eco-friendly look a lot of customers are looking at this option.
We also offer brick slips, which are attached to the building once it is delivered. You can get a variety of different colour and size options. Brick slips can give the illusion of a brick building without the time scale of building one.


External Cladding Blog

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